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At Nature's Purrfect we are committed to providing a cat litter that is good for your cat, your home and the environment.  We want you to use a litter that you can feel good about, that your cat loves, and that doesn't force you to compromise on performance.

Nature's Purrfect Cat Litter is a 100% all natural litter made form corn cob which is biodegradable, renewable and sustainable.  Our quick-clumping litter is one-third the weight of traditional clay based litter while being three times more absorbent which means less litter lasts longer.  It's chemical and fragrance free and non-irritating and unlike clay does not contain any silica dust making it safe for your cat and your home. 

At Nature's Purrfect we also understand the importance of spending time with your furry friend.  Our subscription service saves you time and energy by eliminating trips to the store and carrying heavy bags of litter!