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Better Litter Delivered

We want the best for our cats and our homes,  so choose a healthier litter.  Nature's Purrfect Cat Litter is a premium, all-natural corn cob litter that is quick clumping, flushable and provides outstanding odour control. Our low dust formula is fragrance and chemical free which is ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.  Crafted with pure & natural ingredients to keep your cat, you and your home healthy.  We are Proudly Canadian and deliver right to your door!

Why Choose Nature's Purrfect?

Quick Clumping

Clumps form quickly for easy scooping and the surrounding litter stays clean and dry so it lasts longer with less mess!

Low Dust

Take a deep breath and relax!  This low dust litter helps keep the air in your home clean and healthy for you and your pet.

Odour Control

Instant clumps and natural enzymes trap and neutralize nasty odours keeping your litter box fresh naturally.


Save yourself a trip to the trash! Our natural formula allows for easy litter box maintenance as clumps (and odours) can be safely flushed away.*

Lightweight & Long-Lasting

Heavy on performance but light on your back! Three times lighter and three times more absorbent than traditional clay so one bag goes a long way!

Pet Safe & Planet Friendly

Made from 100% corn cob it's biodegradable and renewable. Free of fragrances, clay and harmful ingredients this litter is Purrfect for cats, people and the earth!


I don't typically get excited about cat litter, but the difference was immediately recognizable. The monthly delivery is a huge plus, too! Your cat will agree. :)

No chemicals, no fragrance and virtually no dust! You can scoop and flush so it's easy to keep the litter box clean and my cat loves it!

I was looking for a natural & chemical free litter as we have allergies and asthma in our house. This litter fits the bill and I love the monthly delivery!

This litter is lightweight and long lasting. There is some tracking, but the pros outweigh this for me. It clumps well, no odour and my cats had no issues switching.

I love that it's made with natural ingredients so it's easy on my cat's paws. It it arrives at my door every month so I never run out!

It clumps nicely but without sticking to the box, so it's easy to clean & I love that it's flushable.